Personal Alarm Buyer's Guide

In this post, you’re going to get all the info you need on purchasing the right personal alarm for your requirements. Whether for professional or personal use, we give you the rundown on what to look for in a personal alarm and which personal alarms are the best.

Let’s start with a brief history of the personal alarm.


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    What is the history of personal alarms?

  • 2

    Why do I need a personal alarm?

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    What are the most commonly available types of personal alarms?

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    What accessories I can get with a personal alarm?

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    What rating system does the personal alarms come under?

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    What are the legal implications of buying/owing a personal alarm?

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    What are the obsolete personal alarms?

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    What are the top personal alarm options I should be aware of?

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    How to make sure your personal alarm fits your requirements?

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    Are there any personal alarm tips available?

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    What are the frequently asked questions on personal alarms?


Safety has always been a subject of concern for individuals. The yearning for personal safety and security has been with us since the beginning of time. In ancient times, people used fire and night watches to protect themselves against attackers, invaders, and even animals. Some even depended on animals and pets; for decades, humans have taught dogs to inform their owners of intruders and even pursue and attack intruders to frighten them away.

Although, the adoption of natural features and animals was effective in ensuring the safety of the early men. However, as technology developed, there was a shift in security systems from primitive to one that allowed more personal alarms. The first personal alarms were invented in the early 80s, and they took the form of red cords, which were pulled in the case of emergency. However, these alarms were only accessible in hospitals and care homes.

From the early 80s until now, personal alarms have evolved to include various forms and styles. Today, these alarms are now used in individual homes as a way of keeping people as well as their possession safe. Furthermore, personal alarms are no longer tied to a specific home as individuals can use them during their daily activities when the case arises. This is due to the introduction of a personal alarm watch.


There are various applications of personal alarms and we have provided the rundown in detail:

WOMEN'S SAFETY APPLICATIONS - Most attackers believe women to be easy targets. Thus, personal alarms are useful security gadgets and are most effective for women’s safety. The harsh sound of the alarm may be enough to drive the assailant to flee. Furthermore, people can only aid what they see. For example, an assault in a dark parking lot can draw other people’s attention when the alarm sounds, which may persuade the assailant to reconsider doing anything. Finally, because we can hear most of these alerts from hundreds of feet away, they are advantageous for summoning help.

ELDERLY SAFETY APPLICATIONS - Unfortunately, the elderly are frequently preyed upon by intruders because they are perceived as easy targets, and because older adults may lack the strength to learn self-defense, they must depend more heavily on personal alarms. In addition, personal alarms deter intruders because of the probability that help might be on the way.

MEDICAL APPLICATIONS - Personal alarms for medical reasons are a popular tool among the elderly. Medical alarm buttons are often given to older adults by family members. For example, when a senior adult wants to live alone but is concerned about falling, a medical alert device is the most efficient approach to guarantee that the individual remains safe. In addition, personal alarms provide instant access to an operator in an accident, such as a slip and fall.

INDEPENDENT LIVING APPLICATIONS - Another advantage is the lack of anxiety associated with living alone. Many people who live alone may find a personal alarm handy in warding off dangers and allowing them to live a more independent life. In addition, you don’t need to move into any housing projects since you’ll find it much simpler to deal with the worries of living alone once you have a personal alarm.

Women's Safety Applications

Elderly Safety Applications

Medical Applications

Independent Living Applications


Proper selection and use of personal alarms would definitely saves lives by preventing attacks. Below we have mentioned a few of the types of personal alarms.


This is one of the most dependable ones for business and home protection. Aside from the siren sound, the personal alarm generates a beam of light that can spotlight an assailant long enough for an escape.


Streetwise key chain alarm makes security as easy as getting your keys. Attacks are more common at night when people walk home or to their car. It connects to your keys and may be used to warn off intruders and summon help.


The fur ball alarm is a fashionable and safe device that emits a 100dB siren. This item is ideal for students and ladies on the go.


This includes a simple squeeze mechanism that activates the alarm in seconds. As soon as you hold and press the gadget, the alarm will sound.


As such there are no other accessories available for personal alarms.


There is no specific rating system being regulated by any governing authority. Therefore, a personal alarm is a tiny gadget that makes a loud noise or emits a siren. According to research conducted by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Research, thieves, robbers, and other criminals would flee if they heard a loud sound.

The gadget is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and may be worn as a key chain. An ear-piercing sound is produced when a user clicks the device’s button. The sound is intended to frighten the attacker while also alerting those around.

Consequently, the decibel rating system must be considered while purchasing a personal alarm. Personal alarm devices create 100 to 130 decibels (dB) of sound, comparable to a rock concert while standing near the speakers. Sound levels exceeding 85dB may harm eardrums over time. However, it will shock an attacker and notify everyone within a half-mile radius. The blast of sound is likely to resound for a mile. When they hear a personal alarm, attackers usually run.


As a means of self-defense, the vast majority of weapons available to most people are technological tools that are not easily accessible. As a result, many processes and rules need to be followed by potential users to utilize them lawfully.

On the other hand, personal alarms can be purchased and activated without filling out a lengthy application. Instead, these gadgets can be purchased at a walk-in or online store, with the only necessary information being the context or details of how, where, when, and why a personal alarm might be of good use.

Personal alarms are legal in all 50 states of the United States of America. This is because these devices are among the safest self-defense weapons available on the market.

As a bonus, you can take these devices on a plane which is not available for many other self-defense tools. In addition, the personal alarms do not have an age limit to their usage; thus, all ages and physical abilities can utilize them, as they don’t require any special training or talent to operate.

However, it is necessary to understand the specific mechanism of each gadget before depending on it for security. Your safety is a combination of the decibel and accessibility of the gadget as well as your ability.


Every product gets obsolete at some point in time and personal alarms are of no exception.

These are the more traditional personal alarm options you’ll come across. They use two connected devices; a red button pendant is commonly worn around the neck or on an elastic band around the wrist.

Next, an emergency signal is sent to a box linked to your home phone line. This box has a speaker and a microphone and may be used to call a monitoring center or family members if required.

You will be able to speak with them and describe the nature of the matter if you are near to the box. The one significant downside of using a device attached to your landline is that the button has a limited range. This means that you will be unable to call for help if you are in the middle of nowhere or far from your landline.

However, considering the current level and extent of technological advancement, the box may be considered an irrelevant burden. Instead, the connection can be made to a mobile phone or a watch that guarantees better safety.


There are several options of personal alarms available based on your requirement and use. We have listed a few below:


Even though it’s only 2.5 inches tall and can easily be tucked into a pocket or purse, this handy security device isn’t to be taken lightly. The micro technology used in this alarm is comparable to that found in alarms three to four times the size of this one in terms of features. It can be used at home, at work, in a hotel, or even in a dorm room. It can also be used as a personal alarm for self-defense, or it can be set to motion detection to keep your belongings safe while you’re out of the room. For example, it keeps children from wandering into dangerous areas like a swimming pool with the help of a motion detector.


While it looks like a fashionable tube of lipstick, the Streetwise Lipstick Alarm is loud enough to be heard by anybody within a few feet. To set off the powerful alarm, all you have to do is lift the lid. It’s perfect for female travelers and college students on the go. Small enough to fit in your handbag, it resembles a lipstick tube and is easy to use.


This safety horn emits a high-pitched sound that scares away intruders and unwanted animals. It can be heard from a distance of half a mile. In addition, a 112-Decibel distress call is sent out. Make no mistake; this alarm is small enough to fit in your car, handbag, backpack, or briefcase, so don’t be fooled by this image.


The MYGUARD Sport LED Armband and Safety Alarm with phone holder is compatible with the iPhone X and other similarly sized smartphones. A personal alarm, flashing light, and cell phone holder are all included in one device. Its 100dB personal alarm can be used to summon help when there’s an attack or emergency. Jogging can be dangerous, so this device is designed to keep your smartphone close at hand at all times.

You can take the device out in the rain by using a secret chamber to store money or keys with an IPX4 water-resistant rating. It contains a rechargeable battery that lasts for more than 20 hours. Before you leave your home, make sure to check the battery’s charge level. It’s great for running or cycling and hiking, jogging or walking.

All of the devices mentioned above and the HTC One M8 and Moto X. must be no larger than 5.5” by 2.5”.


While purchasing personal alarms is a great idea, you should seek the best ones for you. This is mostly because personal alarms have a variety of distinct properties. In light of this, it is critical to understand what to consider while picking personal alarms. An in-depth discussion of a framework that you may use to identify what to look for when buying your personal alarm is provided below:

The best personal alarms are easily accessible or swiftly reclaimed when required. If you are attacked, it is quite likely that you will be caught off guard. This means that no assailant will give you enough time to find and sound your alarm.

Consequently, it is advised to use conveniently available personal alarm devices such as snap buckles and keychains. These alarm systems may be triggered instantly at any time.

The best are personal safety gadgets that are convenient to carry around without sacrificing their main role of sounding the alert in a threat. The good news is that technological advancements have made it possible to have small devices with loud alarm sounds.

Consequently, don’t be tricked into believing that an effective alarm requires a device the size of a phone. For example, you may have a matchbox-sized device with the loudest personal alarm.

“It is better to be safe than sorry,” as the saying goes. In the society we live in today, it is only smart to have safety procedures in place rather than ignoring them and suffering grave repercussions when you least expect it. Check out our website for the best personal alarms for you.


A personal alarm is an important tool for keeping you secure; yet, the device alone will not serve you as well as you would hope. Rather, the efficacy of a personal alarm is determined by the decibel level of the alert and the carrier’s capability. Follow these recommendations to be safe using your personal alarms.

  • We have seen people freeze in times of crisis, so practice reaching into the secret pocket and activating the SOS alarm button. The more familiar the movements are, the simpler they will be in a dangerous situation. Thus, it is essential to practice ahead of time.
  • Keeping an eye on your surroundings is the simplest approach to avoid danger. It can assist you in rapidly spotting an impending risk. Then, when you know an attack is unavoidable, you may utilize the personal alarm to get help.
  • Personal alarms are carried by many people in their pockets or purses. While this is acceptable in certain safe settings, you should instantly hold the personal alarm in your hand if you suspect a threat is approaching. As a result, you may push the alert button to start the assistance procedure as soon as danger hits.

Personal Alarm FAQs

Here are the most frequently asked questions compiled just for you:

How can I identify the certification/approval rating of a Personal Alarm?
Even though there are no clear regulatory standards or certifications for personal alarms in general, it is recommended that you choose personal alarms that have been proved and tested and are purchased from a reputable dealer.
What is the major ingredient of a Personal Alarm?
A personal alarm is mainly composed of a siren alarm activated when pressed or released.
How does a Personal Alarm work?
When activated, a personal alarm functions by emitting an extremely loud alarm and often flashing lights. Typically, they are activated by either pushing a button or pulling a pin.
Is it okay to buy Personal Alarms from anywhere online?
Though there are numerous places to purchase a personal alarm, it is important to buy from a reputable seller. Personal alarms differ in decibels, and the efficacy of a specific alarm is heavily dependent on the decibel of each device. Thus, it is critical to buy from a reputable supplier who can suggest an alarm for your specific situation.
What kind of a Personal Alarm should I buy?
Personal alarms are available in different forms and sizes. However, when choosing a personal alarm, you must evaluate the accessibility of the alarm in probable dangerous scenarios.
Can anyone use a Personal Alarm?
Because personal alarms do not need any expertise or talent to operate, they may be used by anybody, regardless of age or physical ability.
How many times can I use a Personal Alarm without changing batteries?
Alarms with internal batteries have a limited lifespan and must be replaced after use because there’s no way of knowing how much power is left or when it’s gone. However, it is advised to replace it after a reasonable period or as directed by the manufacturer. Personal safety alarms with replaceable batteries are built for long term use and last longer. These run on either AAA or cell batteries.
What is the shelf life of a Personal Alarm, and how often do I need to replace it?
Personal alarms usually have a shelf life of about 4 - 5 years. Within that time, you can replace certain parts like the battery.
How long will a Personal Alarm protect me from an attacker?
The alarms may blare for up to 30 minutes or more before being disabled, which is considerable given how loud they are.
Will a Personal Alarm make it possible to deter an attacker?
The major feature of the personal alarm that is considered a protective factor is the sound; this sound serves as a deterrent for attackers, especially those who fear apprehension.
Will a Personal Alarm protect me from anyone?
A personal alarm of 120 to 130 decibels can protect you in most situations because the sound emitted is intended to alert people around.
What threats will the Personal Alarm protect me from?
A personal alarm will protect you from situations such as muggings, assaults, and even domestic violence.
What are the different Personal Alarms available, and how do they differ from each other?
Personal alarms come in various shapes and sizes, including those that fit in a handbag or pocket, thumb-sized arms, lipstick cases or keychains, and some that look like airhorns. They are also available in different decibels from 100 - 130dB. Visit our website to see a wide range of personal alarms.


The important question to consider now is; to what extent is a personal alarm essential for you? Unfortunately, many people do not concern themselves with their safety until it’s too late, after a near-death experience.

However, this can and should be avoided by as many people as can lay their hands on a personal alarm which is practically all individuals. Thus, a personal alarm would help secure the safety of older citizens in medical homes and children, especially those who may walk to and from school on their own. Apart from this, security workers, college students, hikers, and even night shift workers are potential victims of attacks. Thus, it is paramount to their safety that they have a good personal alarm.

As much as the knowledge of personal alarms is essential, it is also important that you make the right purchase to make the best of the gadget. Thus, another challenge arises when it concerns purchasing a personal alarm, which is why Best Safety Apparel takes care of all the hassle for you and is concerned with providing you with a variety of options to fit your security need.

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